My Story

Welcome to Scentsy and my webpage.  I started consulting for Scentsy in February of 2009.  I am a teacher and I love both scentsy in my classroom and in my home.  I decided after I had bought my own that I wanted to start distributing the products.  I thought if anything my sales could pay for my own scentsy habit.  I had always bought other plug ins and when I found out I could pick any scent I like for the reasonable price of five dollars per candle, well it was time to purchase some plug ins from scentsy.  In addition to this, I thought if I like scentsy this much why wouldn't all my family, friends, and co-workers.  So with the economic hardships of my spouses line of work and two growing children, I had nothing to lose.  A light bulb had gone off in my head (scentsy light bulb) What a great idea....Thank you scentsy for the enjoyment of scents and the enjoyable job. <!--endbody-->